The school app

Our school app is our main source of communication between parents/carers.

How will parents benefit?

  • Check on your child from anywhere: With the Arbor App, you can check in on your children from anywhere – all you need is a phone
  • Access important information about your child in one place: See your child’s attendance, behaviour and progress this week as well as for the year so far. You can also see upcoming homework and download report cards for your child
  • Get updates from school via push notifications: Get notified when your school sends out a new message via the App
    Make payments on the go: Manage tasks like making payments and booking trips or parents’ evenings 

The app is free to download*, is compatible with tablets, mobile phones, and computers and can be accessed* via:

  • iOS App
  • Android App

*A validation email from the school is required to authorise access


Outstanding leadership from leaders and governors has brought about rapid improvement since the school became an academy.

Ofsted - Sybourn Primary School