Special Events

 East London Unites: Community Champions


Saturday 30th April 2016 1-5pm For ages 5 - 65 years old

Football Comp • Cycling • Cricket • Boxing • Climbing Wall Art Exhibition • Poetry/Rap Competition • Food Stalls Health and Well-Being Workshops Separate Girls/Women’s area for activities and Celebration of a United Community in East London

Leyton Jubilee Park/Lammas School Seymour Road, E10 7LX

For more info, email: contact@salaampeace.org | text only: 07949 983 500

Spurs visit for Sports Relief

Friday 18th March
As part of our celebrations today, we have had Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club takeover for the entire day. They have been delivering our Maths, Literacy and PE lessons this afternoon for all of Years 3, 4 and 5. They have also worked with the children, focusing on healthy eating habits throughout the day. This has been excellent in helping children to build cross-curricular links by combining sport with their numeracy and literacy. All children in Years 1, 2 and 6 have also c
ompleted the Sport Relief mile this afternoon within their houses as part of our celebrations. Well done to everyone!

Beat the Street

We’re taking part in the new and exciting Beat the Street – a walking initiative for kids and adults. It’s delivered on behalf of the National Charity Partnership, which sees Diabetes UK, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Tesco working together to help millions of people become healthier. Pupils, families and staff are all part of the Sybourn team!

The four boroughs of Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham and Waltham Forest have been turned into a real-life game – and you are all invited to walk as far as possible in the race to space!

Beat the Street is fun, free and simple to play! Each child has already received a Beat the Street card and a map. And you should have received an envelope called ‘Invitation to Play’ through your school – this includes a Beat the Street card for an additional family member to sign up and join the school team.

So how does it work? It’s easy. Players earn points and win prizes by tapping special cards onto sensors known as Beat Boxes as you walk, cycle or scoot around. The Beat Boxes are placed on lamp posts around the area. And when you tap a Beat Box, it will flash and beep to let you know your card has registered. Tapping two Beat Boxes within an hour records your journey.

For more information, check out the ‘handy hints’ letter or visit www.eastlondon.beatthestreet.me.

Get Active!

By taking part in Beat the Street you and your family are getting active, and supporting your community. Every step counts, and every tap increases your points – and the chances of winning prizes.


There will be loads of prizes distributed between teams and individuals. There will be daily lucky tap prizes for adults (to the value of £50) and children (to the value of £10). Adults and children will be selected at random every week via a lucky tap on a Beat Box – so any pupil can win. We at school will let the winning children know.

Team prizes will be awarded at the end of the competition, with £1,000 awarded to the team with the most points from each borough, and £1,000 awarded to the team with the highest average points per borough. There will be runner-up prizes of £500 for each category in each borough. You can track the progress of your team via our leader boards which can be found on www.eastlondon.beatthestreet.me. We can’t wait to see how far you travel in your first week!

Road Safety

Do be safe at all times and take care on the roads. Remember to cross safely at pedestrian crossings, and remember to keep your eyes open and look around! As the evenings begin to get darker, remember to think about what you’ll wear while taking part in Beat the Street – high-visibility gear, reflective, bright and light-coloured clothing will help you all to be seen. And don’t forget the family dog!  

We encourage every cyclist to please wear a cycle helmet and any scooter enthusiasts to wear protective gear. See www.bikeability.org.uk and www.roadwise.co.uk/children/road-safety/green-cross-code for more information.

  1. Find a safe place to cross.

  2. Stop just before you get to the kerb.

  3. Look all around for traffic and listen.

  4. If the traffic is coming, let it pass.

  5. When it is safe, go straight across the road – do not run!

Good luck as you play Beat the Street!

Web: www.eastlondon.beatthestreet.me for more
Twitter: @btseastlondon #beatthestreet
Facebook: Beat the Street East London

Beat the Streets.pptx

Our pupils representing the Sybourn Team at the Beat the Street press launch at the Olympic Park. (Naomi – the girl is a first team player from Arsenal – can’t remember her name but she’ll be on their website if you wanted to name check her.)

On Thursday we took part in the annual Sainsbury's School Games Tri-Golf competition. Our selected Year 5s had to complete eight golfing challenges as a team. The challenges included children gaining points for demonstrating good accuracy and control. All the children involved were a huge credit to the school, demonstrating good teamwork throughout the competition. Well done to all involved!

Sybourn Mini Red's Tennis Competition

Last Friday was the annual Sainsbury's School Games 'Mini Reds' tennis competition. We entered two teams, who played in two separate mini leagues. The children played fantastic tennis and showed terrific teamwork and determination. Our Sybourn A team made it in to the last eight of the competition but  unfortunately got knocked out in a close match with George Tomlinson. Well done to Samara, Fouzan, Leah, Gabriel, Rayan, Ayoub, Samara and Ashanti!

Change4Life has come to Sybourn
Change4Life is a public health programme in England 
run by the Department of Health, which began in January 2009. It is the country's first national social marketing campaign to tackle the causes of obesity. These days, modern life can mean that we’re a lot less active. With so many opportunities to watch TV or play computer games, and with so much convenience and fast food available, we don’t move about as much, or eat as well as we used to. Make a change with our tips on healthy eating, exercise and nutritious food advice. Change4Life can help kids and families get healthy

Click here to download free Change4Life apps.

Change4Life for your kids
Nine out of 10 of our kids today could grow up with dangerous amounts of fat in their bodies. This can cause life-threatening diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Change4Life for you
By the time we reach middle age, the majority of us could do with losing at least a bit of weight. Being overweight isn’t just about the way we look. It can lead to more aches and pains, problems sleeping, and people report a loss of energy and confidence. It also increases our chances of getting heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Middle age comes to everyone – ‘middle aged spread’ doesn’t have to.
You’ve taken the first step towards getting yourself or your kids eating well, moving more and living longer just by being here - so welcome to Change4Life!

How to find out more
Our parent workshops will be held on 19th May at 9am and 21st May at 6pm.

Eating well
We were all brought up to finish the food on our plates, but sometimes it’s more than we really need. Try our simple tips to get you and your family into great healthy eating habits. Visit the change4life website to find out more information about how we can make better diet choices. Have you tried the Smart Recipes App yet? It’s filled with ideas for swapping your favourite meal for healthier versions. The app can be found on the ITunes or Google Play.

Activities for kids
Active kids are happy kids - they like to be running around and having fun. In fact, kids aged five to 16 need to do at least 60 minutes of physical activity that gets their heart beating faster than usual. And they need to do it every day to burn off calories and prevent them storing up excess fat in the body which can lead to cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It also keeps their bones healthy and encourages muscle strength and flexibility. For ideas about how you can build regular exercise into your own and your child's daily activity visit the ‘get going’ section of the change4life website.

Staff at Sybourn
Teachers will also be joining in the fun by attending an after-school club to be held at Sybourn, when they will be taking part in a physical activity and covering a number of different sports.

Leyton Orient visits Sybourn
Jobi McAnuff and Jay Simpson spent the afternoon at Sybourn School in Leyton recently, and they spoke to 90 Year 6 pupils before taking part in multiple football sessions in the playground. Click here to read more.

Aliens invade Sybourn

Alien Invasion

Black History Quiz winners

This week, two teams of Year 6 children took part in a Black History quiz held at Kelmscott Secondary School as part of Diversity month. Each team was challenged to answer questions on topics ranging from literature and history to sport and music. Despite facing tough competition from the secondary school teams, Sybourn claimed first place. A big well done to all of the children who took part and a big thank you to Mrs Hoult for giving up her time to organise this event. Look out for the engraved cup which will be on display in school shortly.

Art Week

Art Week KS2

Speedmark Challenge

Speedmark Challenge

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day

Get Caught Reading Challenge

Displaying IMG_3027.JPG

'Children at Sybourn have really got stuck in to the Get Caught Reading Challenge. Many children have earned book marks and are well on their way to getting their first book which will be theirs to keep! To celebrate World Book Day this year, children with the most stamps on their Get Caught Reading cards in Years 4, 5 and 6 went to the Walthamstow Assembly Hall to watch a show and meet some of their favourite authors such as Michael Rosen, Jacqueline Wilson, Holly Smale and Francesca Simon, and they even came away with signed copies of their latest novels! The day was a big success and we would like to say a big well done again to those children who have the most stamps on their Get Caught Reading cards and came on the trip. We look forward to more exciting reading events in the future... So make sure you Get Caught Reading!

Run For Fun
This term, students took part in a Run for Fun! Take a look at the slide show below to see how well the students participated!

Run for Fun

Sports Day

Sports Day