How will we measure the progress of your child in school?

§  Your child’s progress is continually monitored by his/her class teacher to ensure progress.

§  His/her progress is reviewed regularly and a National Curriculum level given in reading, writing, numeracy and science.

§  If your child is in Year 1 and above, but is not yet at National Curriculum levels, a more sensitive assessment tool called ‘P’ Levels are used which    shows smaller but significant steps of progress. 

§  At the end of each key stage in year 2 and year 6 all children may be assessed using Standard Assessment Tests (SATS).

§  The progress of children with an EHC Plan is formally reviewed at an Annual Review with all adults involved with the child’s education.

§  A range of ways will be used to keep you informed, which may include: Home/school contact book/Achievement Certificates/Meetings/Reports