Cultural Development
At Sybourn Primary pupils who are becoming culturally aware are likely to be developing some or all of the following characteristics:
  • An ability to recognise and understand their own cultural assumptions and values and those of others
  • An ability to reflect on important questions of meaning and identity
  • An interest in exploring the relationship between human beings and the environment
  • An appreciation of diversity within the school, local, national and international communities.

Our school aims to encourage pupils’ cultural development by:

  • Presenting authentic accounts of the attitudes, values and traditions of diverse cultures, addressing racism and promoting
    race equality
  • Extending pupils’ knowledge and use of cultural imagery and language 
  • Encouraging them to think about special events in life and how they are celebrated 
  • Recognising and nurturing particular gifts and talents
  • Providing opportunities for pupils to participate in literature, drama, music, art, crafts and other cultural events and encouraging pupils to reflect on their significance
  • Developing partnerships with outside agencies and individuals to extent pupils’ cultural awareness, for example, theatre, museum, concert and gallery visits
  • Reinforcing the school’s cultural links through displays, posters, exhibitions, etc
  • Auditing the quality and nature of opportunities for pupils to extend their cultural development across the curriculum
  • Monitoring in simple ways the success of what is provided.