Attendance and Punctuality

Sybourn Primary School is committed to good attendance and punctuality from all our students.

Regular attendance is vital to all children if they are to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available. It is also essential that all students arrive at school on time.

Absence and sickness

  • Call the school office as early as possible to inform them that your child will be absent.
  • Provide a note on the day your child returns to school explaining their absence.

Medical appointment

  • Where possible, please arrange appointments outside of school hours.
  • When this is not possible, please provide proof of appointment.

We are here to help

  • If your child is experiencing difficulties, getting to school everyday and on time, please contact the school immediately to discuss this further.

To report your child's absence or if you
have any further questions about attendance, please call us on
 020 8539 4110.


97 to 100% =
an excellent level of attendance

95% attendance = 
the accepted level by law

90% attendance
Means you miss
half a day a week

85% attendance
means you miss
half a term a year