PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, and Citizenship Education)
At Sybourn, the PSHCE curriculum is tailored to the needs of the school as a whole and then individual year groups and classes. This year we are very excited about introducing a programme of mindfulness to the children. We are preparing children for later life by giving them the skills they need to think clearly and rationally.

We expect children to be responsible for their own behaviour and to have respect for themselves, their belongings and other people. These skills are explicitly taught in PSHCE. Where needed, in key year groups, the children receive lessons on cyber-safety, Sex and Relationships Education (SRE), and drugs and alcohol. They also have the opportunity to study philosophy for children. We aim for our children to leave Sybourn being aware of themselves and others. Through PSHCE, we hope to achieve this and provide children with the skills they need for the next stage of their life.

Religious Education (RE)
In RE, we teach to the National Curriculum, which covers the major religions, their beliefs and principles and their similarities and differences. As part of a multicultural and tolerant society, we teach children to be aware of, and have respect for other religions, as well as those of no religion.

Children are taught about Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism at Sybourn. They develop their depth of understanding of these religions by being taught different aspects throughout their school career. This allows a deeper and more appropriate understanding as the children age.