Please do not give your child medicines to bring to school; this is for their safety and the safety of other children.

It is occasionally necessary for children who have recovered from an illness to continue to take the full course of prescribed medicine. Under such circumstances parents/carers should ideally manage the timing of doses to avoid giving them during school hours, ie) If the course is to be given 3 times a day parents are advised to space it so that 1 dose is given before school, the next dose after school and so forth.  For medicine that is to be administered 4 times a day or more, parent/carers may come into school to administer the medicine themselves or provide signed consent for a qualified first aider to administer the medicines. Consent forms are available from the main school office and must be fully completed before any medicine is left at school. Please note that non-prescribed medicines will only be given for a duration of 3 days, after which if symptoms are still persisting parent/carers are advised to seek medical advice. Some cases will be considered on individual merit.

If your child is on long-term medication please let us know and we will discuss with you how the medication will be managed. 

If your child is asthmatic and requires an inhaler you will be asked to complete a form detailing the treatment that your child requires. You should ask your GP for a spare inhaler which can be kept in school either for daily doses or for emergency use. Inhalers should be brought to the office clearly marked with your child's name and class. 

Head lice or ‘nits’ can frequently be problems in schools. Do not worry if you find head lice but please treat them promptly and let the teacher know so that a letter can be sent to other parents asking them to check their children’s hair.

In the case of chicken pox children may come back to school no sooner than six days after the first spots appear. At this point the disease is not contagious.

If your child is unwell while at school, she/he will be taken to the Medical Room and cared for until feeling better. If he/she is not well enough to return to class, you will be contacted to come and collect him/her.

Follow this link► to read our Administration of Medicines policy