School Clubs
Breakfast and Teatime Clubs

Our highly popular Breakfast and Teatime Clubs, based at Sybourn Road, run from Monday to Friday in term time only.

Nutritious breakfasts and healthy snacks are provided for the children followed by appropriately supervised fun activities and games.

The clubs are open to all children in full-time education. Priority is given to children of working parents and children of families in need. While there, the children are given a breakfast of cereal, toast and juice (parents need to provide a packed lunch). Teatime Club children are offered a healthy snack around 4pm such as beans on toast or pitta bread with salad and tuna, etc; water is freely available at all times. The menu is displayed in the club and is available on request. 

Snacks and drink are provided each day; however these are not intended to substitute for a main evening meal that the child may receive at home. We promote independence by encouraging the children to prepare their own snacks and to clear away after themselves. We use fresh ingredients and follow statutory guidelines.  

Individual dietary requirements and parental preferences are met wherever possible. We recognise the importance of healthy nutrition for children delivered in a calm, friendly setting.

You have the freedom to book for the whole week or odd days whichever suits your requirements. 


 8am to
per week
per session

per week
per session

These costs has been subsidised by the primary school to try and keep the cost down for our families. 

After-school Activity Clubs
Each term we introduce a range of activities to engage and inspire your child.
Places are on a first-come, first-served basis; we will endeavour to allocate places in clubs as fairly as possible with a waiting list for those who were not successful. At the beginning of each term, we will let our children and families know which clubs we will be running and when the club application letters are ready for collection.

Summer Term 2016 Clubs
 Construction Club

 Chess Club
 Yoga Club 1 & 2
 Digi Club 3, 4, 5, 6      ü    
 Football Club 5, 6    
 Multi Sports 2, 3
 Signing Club 3, 4, 5, 6
 Arts & Crafts 4, 5, 6        ü  
 Around the World Club
 (Geography) 1 & 2

 Digi Gamers Club  1 & 2
 Lunch time
 Science Club 5, 6        ü  
 Drama Club 3 & 4  ü

 Cross Stitch 5 & 6       ü    
 Girls Football 4, 5, 6
 8am Start
 Cricket Club 3 & 4   ü        
 Active 8 Maths Club 3, 4,  5 & 6 Lunch time  ü        

Extended Services KS1 & KS2 Club Handbook – click to view

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Extended Services and Enrichment Activities
Here at Sybourn we endeavour to provide a range of extra opportunities for our pupils by engaging and working with many different companies and agencies that provide exciting activities for our pupils to take part in. In the last year we have worked with:

XEaven, a performing arts company, which has delivered acting, singing, dance and music workshops in our school. Two of our pupils who have shown great potential in these areas have been awarded year-long scholarships with XEaven.

The William Morris Gallery and Museum has provided print-making, script illustrating and weaving sessions for our pupils at the gallery – all skills our children had not tried before, with some great results. Sybourn pupils’ work was exhibited in Waltham Forest libraries as part of the ‘Words Over Walthamstow’ exhibition. Studying the work of William Morris has allowed the children to explore their local history and find out about the work of this world-famous local artist and designer.

Make A Splashin Summer 2015, 30 of our pupils were treated to 10 weeks of free swimming lessons. Many of our children, who were not able to swim at the beginning of the 10 weeks, were ready for their first stage swimming exams by the end of the course.

Heart Start: Saving Londoners Lives – we will be training all of our KS1 and KS2 pupils in first aid. Each year, pupils from every year group will build on the knowledge they have to enable them all to become proficient first aiders and life savers.

Waltham Forest’s Big Spring Clean – to encourage our children to show positive citizenship, our School Council has worked hard to highlight the issue of litter among our pupils and staff by taking on a Go Givers Challenge, for which the children designed posters and created a presentation which they delivered at the V&A Museum in London. We even took on the challenge of a group ‘litter pick’ in the streets near our school. Local residents were very surprised and hugely impressed and grateful for our hard work in clearing their streets and front gardens. Our School Council plans to continue the good work by creating some information leaflets which will be sent to parents and local residents to engage even more people in this important cause.

The LOPASS scheme – Sybourn is one of only eight schools selected by Leyton Orient Partnership of Associated Schools Scheme to work jointly with them to provide a link with our local football club. As part of the scheme, we are able to offer reduced price tickets to our school community for a match at Brisbane Road. Last season, more than 120 of our pupils, families and staff attended the designated match for Sybourn Primary. A great day was had by all and Sybourn pupils won the half-time penalty competition! 

We also work with Leyton Orient as part of its supplementary school session for our pupils where some of our Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils attend the club for booster lessons in Maths, Literacy and ICT. We are in our eighth year of joint work with Leyton Orient and many of our pupils have benefited enormously in terms of academic, social and personal development skills.

Parent Opportunities
We are also planning a range of opportunities for our parents and carers including classes in different subjects such as first aid, English language and parenting skills. We will inform our parents as soon as we have dates and times for these sessions in 2016. 
If you have any questions, please contact us on 020 8539 4110.

Active Gamerz
The Active Gamerz after-school club is the only club of its kind in the world which teaches seven sporting disciplines using the latest computer technology. The club is designed to create a better athlete using old-school methods of teamwork and competition inside the club environment, which will teach your child how to lose and win like a champion. This summer term, we integrated the Xbox 1 technology into the club programme. The Active Gamerz school programme also gives your child the opportunity to represent their school at our prestigious world championship events, which sees several hundred people attend. In summer term 2015 the winning school was sent to watch the London Anniversary Games at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium. Also our individual point’s competition continues where athletes have a chance to compete for points to try and win a weekend trip to Spain to watch Barcelona live in pre-season action this summer.