Computer Science

Our aim at Sybourn Primary is to ensure that our pupils have access to a wide variety of outstanding technology from Nursery to KS2. We strongly believe that every pupil deserves the opportunity to work with different types of technology, from tablets, laptops and Chromebooks to digital cameras and robots.

At Sybourn, we are extremely lucky to have such a vast amount of technology that is accessible to all pupils in the school, from Galaxy tablets to Samsung Chromebooks and interactive TVs. 

We have provided Years 5 and 6 with their own individual Chromebooks, which has enabled students to extend their learning by providing vast research opportunities and online interactive work using the Google platform. 

In Computer Science lessons, the children learn about the importance of information technology, computer science and digital literacy and how to select and prepare it using different software and hardware. They develop a wide range of computer skills including: programming and robotics, e-safety, multimedia presentation, data handling and safe emailing.

Computer Science is also widely used in other subject areas to extend and support children’s learning. Children have access to computers on a daily basis. It plays a central role in their learning. 

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