At Sybourn we aim to teach children History and Geography in a stimulating environment which encourages them to find out more about a topic. In both key stages, children are provided with a range of activities in topic lessons. These include role play, letter writing, research using ICT and opportunities to create artefacts or re-enact scenes from wars which they are learning about. Through this range of activities, the curriculum becomes creative and the learning is brought to life.

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Through the teaching of History and Geography at Sybourn, children learn a range of skills which are designed to develop their ability to research, question and analyse. Problem solving also plays a role in lessons as children are encouraged to put themselves in the positions of others and create solutions to problems which are posed to them.

History, at Sybourn, gives children an opportunity to learn about what life was like during different time periods. They learn about the past and how the past has shaped the world we live in today. Children learn about the History of the local area as well as wider events from across the world.

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In Geography lessons in both Key Stages, children are taught about human and physical aspects of the subjects. They learn about different people, cultures and economies through carefully planned lessons which cultivate curiosity. Through teaching about the physical aspects of the subject, children learn about the earth’s surface, weather and climate and why this differs across the world.

We are fortunate to be a school with great cultural diversity and we encourage children to discuss their cultures and communities with their peers and to contribute in lessons where appropriate. This allows children to take pride in themselves and celebrate the value of diversity.