Reading at KS1: Daily Supported Reading

The Daily Supported Reading Programme is a classroom programme that helps to move all children on in their reading. It is delivered initially to all children in KS1 whilst the children are still reading on KS1 colour band levels. It helps children make accelerated progress by working with trained adults in small groups matched to their independent reading levels. This method has a proven track record of success in raising school reading standards in KS1.

Here at Sybourn, we run the Daily Supported Reading programme (DSR) five times each week. Each session lasts for 30 minutes. The children are assessed on a daily basis to ensure that children are fully supported and stretched to achieve their full potential.  

What do the children think about DSR?
Hetty -''DSR makes reading fun. I used to be a blue band reader, now I'm reading lime books''.

Dill- ''I like it because the books we read are exciting and fun. I can now read longer books and I understand what I'm reading. I like the Friday comprehensions''.

Kai-''Some books are funny and some are scary. I like the scary ones''.

Kieron- ''I'm a better reader because I read cool books everyday''.