Sybourn History

Once known as Sybourn Junior, Sybourn Primary School was a mixed infants schools. Sybourn Street Council School opened as a mixed school in temporary buildings in 1903. The permanent building was completed in 1910
 for senior mixed, junior mixed and infants. In 1919 there were still 300 pupils in the temporary building. The school was reorganised for boys, girls, and infants in 1925–26 (when new infants premises were built), for senior boys, junior mixed and infants in 1932, and for junior mixed and infants in 1948.

Sybourn Early Years
Lea Bridge Primary School. Lea Bridge Road Board School opened in 1892 as a mixed school; it was very small, with only 157 children attending in 1898 and in 1919 it had room for 286. From 1932, it became an infants-school only. It became an annexe to Sybourn Street School in 1958–59 and was discontinued in 1959.