Student Council

Our School Councillors are elected each year and hold their position in office until July.

All classes take part in voting for their representative and deputy after the candidates made their speeches. Well done to all those who have been elected. The new School Councillors will take over responsibility for delivery of the SEAL (Social Emotional Aspects of Learning) assemblies and, this year, will work on pupils and parents surveys.

Our School Councillors are involved in the interview process for staff vacancies. Their insight and views are valued in the decision-making process. 

Our School Councillors took on a citizenship challenge by joining the Go-Givers organisation and their Make A Difference Challenge.

Current Councillors:

Red 3 - Aadam & Asenia
Green 3 - Kumail & Ru Xue
Blue 3 - Melita & Adiyan

Red 4 - Ameera & Ibraheem
Green 4 - Israel & Natalia
Blue 4 - Zuhra & Vasil

Red 5 - Dija & Alex
Green 5 - Amanda & Dilek
Blue 5 - Aleesha & Eliska

Red 6 - Elana & Imad
Green 6 - Kamile & Hanim
Blue 6 - Harisa & Alex